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Re: [OOC] [Supers!] The Age of Aquarius

Here he is revised: I changed his codename to Scion and went with Super-Senses rather than super brain for the physical stuff.


Composure 3D
Fortitude 2D
Reaction 3D
Will 3D

Occultism 3D


Super Brain "Regressive Recall" 3D Academia/Technology (4 Parapsychology)

Super Senses 5: (Reflex Recall)* 4D; Distant Vision (Postcognition) 4D ( Only to see into the Past, Uncontrolled)

* Recall/Use Aptitudes and "Trained" powers from past lives and genetic ancestors

Astral Projection 3D "Out of Body Experience"

Dumb Luck


A child of adoption, Lewis "Lou" Allan was always curious about his lineage. This being the 60's he began to experiment with past life regression techniques to find his "true self" . After the "Dawning" he discovers that he is able to harness genetic memories of ancestors ( as well as his own past lives) to aide him in the present.

This manifests as knowledge and skills he has never studied, or able to understand in an extremely short period of time. A jack of all trades and physical savant. He has frequent feelings of deja vu...(This also opens up the possibility /explanation of post-cognition in certain circumstances)

A young Lou Reed. His haunted eyes are frequently covered with dark wraparound sunglasses. He tends to wear black t-shirts and leather jacket with blue jeans. Occasionally he paints his fingernails black.
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Re: [OOC] [Supers!] The Age of Aquarius

Okay, I think I pretty much understand his powers now. The Super Brain "Regressive Recall" 3D also gives him 3D in Academia and Technology (so delete the 4D in parapsychology). It looks like the Uncontrolled limitation is only on the postcognition ability, not on the "Reflex Recall." Other than that, it looks like he is ready (I really like his new superhero name!)

Dice Rolls:Invisible Castle
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