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Re: Revised Supers! - Rules Thread (Not Including Combat)


It's surely coming a day after the fair, but I designed a vehicule once using:


Manoeuvrability: (the score adds up to the driver's Vehicules Aptitude). I prefer that than Reaction for a vehicule. And I like to use the Vehicules Aptitude instead of the character's Reaction because Reaction is already very used and so useful in the game (dodging, initiative, dexterity in general). I don't want to unbalance it more.

Armor (and Tough Defence) if needed

Super Speed

About Size, I don't know if it's useful to create it just to determine the passengers capacity ; or if it's sufficient just to precise it in the vehicle's description.
I mean, compared to Fortitude, Armor or Super Speed, Size only serves to describe the number of seats or the cargo capacity.

Besides, I like the idea of mounted weapons using split attack, area effect or armor piercing as suggested earlier.

Sorry for my English, but i's not my primary language.
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