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Welcome to Zenith Comics

Thank you for visiting the Zenith Comics web board. We appreciate you stopping by and having a look around. Just a few things before you scoot to look about:

1. All people (and any aliens or artifical intelligence) posting to this board must do so in a polite and friendly manner. If you can't end your post in a hug or a handshake we don't want you here. Disscussion of disagreements is allowed and encouraged but leave the crap slinging at home. We love differences in opinion but will not tollerate people trashing each other.

2. Just in case rule #1 is not observed, all members posting to this board should grow thick skin. This board is mostly about gaming and other leisurely activity. If you are assaulted on the board, report it and we will deal accordingly with aforementioned mental midget.

3. This is YOUR forum and it will only be as good as the people who post here. Post often and as much as you like and we can have a very active and fun place to bounce around ideas. If there is something you would like to see in the forum let us know. On the flip side of that if you want to see something disintergrated by a megazonium death ray we invite that too. Feedback is essential.

4. Have fun.


Fight the Good Fight

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