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Gramvandle's Characters

Hey gang

I am finally getting back to working on my SUPERS project after time wandering from other project to project. I am glad to see things still moving on the board and can't wait to see what else comes next! is the first character I have written up for SUPERS! as a practice run for writing up all the NPC's in my setting... Enjoy

Name: Wesley Shan
Identity: Public
Affiliation: Formerly a member of Righteous Firefight. Shan is now often seen with a small group of fire elementals, otherwise a total loner.

Personality: To call Shan a hothead is a total understatement. He is quick to anger and holds a grudge for an extremely long amount of time. In fact it is unsure if he has ever forgiven a slight done to him. He is all too eager to use his powers on anything that catches his eye and revels in the feeling of power that destroying valuable things gives him.

Description: Slim and muscular and always exhibits traits of his powers. Small embers appear here and there in his beard and small trails of flame spark over his bald pate. He most often wears only a pair of tight fitting leather pants and a cut off tank-top.

About Shan: Little is known about Shan before his inclusion in Righteous Firefight, a team of vigilantes based originally out of Chicago. For the first several months of his membership Shan served well enough but as time passed his actions became more erratic and uncontrollable. Much like the flames which he has control over he is prone to fits of sudden violence and powerful emotional responses. For a time his teammates were willing to put up with this, but as he became less controllable their patience eventually wore out and he was ejected from the team.

Today Shan is a man on a mission to punish anyone who mocks him or those who would attempt to quench his flame. He has convinced himself that it is up to him to purge the world of the impure in a lake of flame and will go to any length to destroy those he has determined are unclean. His trail of vengeance is not limited to those who oppress others though. He has been known to actively seek out extraordinaries who exhibit fire based powers like his own and to attack them without provocation.

Shan has such fine control over his flames that he is able to manifest small, semi-intelligent creatures that he calls his elementals to help him in his tasks. The majority of the time these constructs act as little more than petulant children lashing out at everything around them. It is only when under their master’s direct control that they become a true threat.

Composure 1D
Fortitude 2D
Reaction 3D
Will 2D

Athleticism 2D
Presence 2D
Streetwise 2D
All Others 1D

Elemental Control 3D
• Area Effect (1D)
Flight 2D
Invulnerability 3D
• Fire
Summoning 4D
• Small fire creatures



Cost: 19D
Competency Pool: 1D
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Re: Gramvandle's Characters

Love it! That's a nice twist on a fire-controller. Looking forward to seeing more.

Gary Brown
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